Top 10 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers

When it comes alternative to PayPal online payment system, there are some good PayPal alternatives services available for merchants. However, Payoneer offers services like PayPal credit share between users and Mastercard and US-based bank account and it helps freelancers to collect payments from online business.

Paypal is an excellent oldest online payment service but it has many limitations and restriction. It is not allowed to receive money from international payments. There are a number of developing countries like Sri Lanka, Nigeria where PayPal does not work. so you need to find PayPal alternatives for your business access around the world.

Best PayPal Alternatives – PayPal Competitors

List of online payment providers that you can use as PayPal alternatives on your WordPress website to sell products and services.

1. Payoneer

2. Google Wallet

3. 2CheckOut

4. Stripe

5. Selz

6. E-Junkie

7. Amazon Payments

8. Shopify Payments

9. Transferwise