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  • Top 20 Free Internet Fax Services to Email

    Top 20 Free Internet Fax Services to Email in 2018

    In this post, we’ve put togather a list of best free online fax services for faxing without a fax machine. Old days, every companies should have fax machine for sending information, but nowadays you don’t buy fax machine to send a fax or even receive faxes. If your small business doesn’t own a fax machine, the free […] More

  • 12 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

    12 Best YouTube Alternative Sites

    Whether you are looking video streaming sites like YouTube or alternatives to youtube for creators, here is a list of best video websites like Youtube. YouTube is the most popular video sharing website and it hosts videos for almost every category from funny entertainment to educational subjects. So let’s take a look at 12 of the best alternatives to […] More

  • Google Photos Best Free Image Hosting

    20 Best Free Image Hosting Websites 2018

    If you are surfing a website for hosting photos, here are best free image hosting sites that will allow uploading images for free storing. Some image hosting like Imgur gives unlimited space for storing your photos and other comes with large limited GB space. Are you sharing lots of photos on Facebook or Instagram? But, Facebook album Instagram isn’t a good […] More

  • Learning English Online

    Learning English Online – Free Websites and Online Tools

    Are you having difficulty learning English online? How can I learn English fast? You may have many questions like these. What is the solution for you? There are many ways you can learn English as quickly as you want. If you are a beginner or you want to improve your skills in English, you can find several free […] More

  • 10 Sites to to create your own flashcards

    10 Best Websites to Make Flashcards Online

    Flashcards are using as a quick and effective note taking learning tool for students. Note card maker contains short information related to your subjects like illustration or images, words, phrases, or numbers that will help you instantly quiz yourself on your topic of study. If you are a student or you are looking to make revision cards for […] More

  • Internet Download Manager IDM free

    Top 10 Internet Download Manager Free Download

    In this post, we’ve collected best free internet download manager software for Windows 10, 7, 8 or XP version. Internet Download Manager IDM is the widely used Windows software but If you want to full version of a free download manager, here we list useful alternatives are available for free usage. Let’s take a look at some best […] More

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